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Founded 1986

A launchpad for creative ventures our founder Dave Sutherland is involved with.

With decades of design projects behind us, we have rebuilt the company from the ground up. The corporate structure of the company now acts as a platform, or launchpad if you will, for ventures that our Founder, Dave Sutherland is personally involved with.

With this simplified infrastructure, Dave is now free to pursue ventures that are aimed at enriching the lives of the next generation and bettering the design community as a whole.

Many thanks to you who share our passion for beautiful design, innovation and enriching the lives of others. Stay tuned as there is much more to come.


Creative Electives logo icon.


After years of training and mentoring a wide range of employees and interns to successfully accomplish advanced design tasks, Dave is now folding his real world design skills into a modern and unique curriculum for high school students. The focus of this venture is to instill foundational life skills while building upon a practical application based learning model.

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One Dot Designs is the venture which provides an outlet for Dave’s skills as a Spatial Designer. Dave is highly selective with the clients and projects he will take on. The primary focus is to provide top level producers with cutting edge design, while simplifying team collaboration through proprietary cloud based tools.


Dave's technical and creative abilities are rivaled by few. His sense for assessing and understanding spatial and technical designs as they apply to any given situation, approach or budget are an asset to any production environment or team.

Paul Liszewski


I have found Dave Sutherland to be a unique and talented individual, possessing colossal creative capacities, infinite commitment, determination, stamina, forthrightness, honesty, clear-mindedness, focus, wit and charm… as well as an unremittingly high level of personal integrity.

Dale McWilliams


He is tireless and meticulous. He is a great motivator and an inspiring leader. He is honest, ethical and extremely generous with his time and knowledge. Dave has both the ability to visualize a creative concept and the technical expertise to realize that concept.

Carol Hayias Waterman



Dave's mentoring of me during my time at SDA and its subsidiaries molded me into who I am today. Teaching and giving me confidence in my creative, electronic, communication, and managing skills. In my current career field his mentorship has remained prevalent in my day to day tasks making me a better Airman in the United States Air Force.

Christian Balmer

Employee / Mentorship

Working with my father was more than just a job, it was both a mentorship and an educational experience. My intake of information has never been faster and that is in no small part to the environment Dad creates. At SDA I worked on real tangible projects that required vast amounts of time and energy. During this time I learned more about project completion, perseverance and skill mastery than I ever have with any other company or educational institution.

Vince Sutherland

Employee / Mentorship

Working with Dave has been a great learning experience. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others grow. Not only does Dave have great design expertise but he also possesses an entrepreneurial and innovative way of thinking.

Juan Sierra

Intern / Freelancer


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